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Team Meeting

Sales Analyst and Quality Executive

Experience: Any years, even fresher can apply

Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline – Commerce preferred

Work Location: Ahmedabad

Skill Requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of Computer operating system and MS office software

  • Good command over written and verbal communication skills

  • Good listening skills

  • Logical reasoning and analytical skills

  • Problem solving skills and ability to handle cases independently

  • Team player

  • Basic understanding of Ledger in Accounting

  • Ability to define and write the Work process and extract Reports 

Preferred Skills:


  • Knowledge of customer service principles and practices

  • Effective listening & understanding of American English 

  • 7 band and above in writing and listing in IELTS or GRE will be value added

  • Effectiveness in doing Repetitive tasks


Role & Responsibilities:

  • Defining and writing Work process and ensuring to be understood by all

  • Follow the defined process and procedures

  • Evaluating and analysing the customer issue from available data

  • Identify and prioritize the issues as per client’s specifications

  • Should be able to process information in response to queries, concerns and task assignments 

  • Evaluate the defined process / task and provide suggestions at regular interval to make it better

  • Interact with Leader/Manager to provide and process information in response to queries, concerns and task assignments

  • Redirect problems to appropriate team member

  • Monitoring and minutely listening to Sales calls

  • Rating the calls, assessing and deriving verbal commitments made

  • Analyzing the Sales deal and verifying the feasibility of the deal/plan within the defined time period

  • Reporting about the Sales calls to the accountable authority 

  • Generation of reports regarding the commission/incentive due to the respective Sales and Sales lead generation/support members

  • Confirm the payments made

  • Ensuring systematic and prompt reporting of work on daily basis.

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